Accepted papers

Early Detection of Museum Visitors Identities by Using a Museum Triage
Dim Eyal and Kuflik Tsvi

Open Locast: Locative Media Platforms for Situated Cultural Experiences
Amar Boghani and Federico Casalegno

Personalization in Crowd-driven Annotation for Cultural Heritage Collections
Chris Dijkshoorn, Jasper Oosterman, Lora Aroyo and Geert-Jan Houben

WantEat: interacting with social networks of smart objects for sharing and promoting cultural heritage
Cristina Gena

Multi-channel Coverage for a Dangerous Australians Museum Exhibit
Rainer Wasinger, Matthew Wardrop, Anthony Collins, Michael Fry, Judy Kay and Bob Kummerfeld


About Lora Aroyo

I am is full professor in Computer Science, head of the Web and Media Group, Department of Computer Science, VU University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am also a scientific coordinator of the EU Integrated Project: NoTube: Integration of Web and TV Data with the Help of Semantics, Go to my web page for more details:
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